Zetaclear – Does It Work to Remove Nail Fungus?

Zetaclear – Does It Work to Remove Nail Fungus?

Why should you consider Zetaclear at all given that none of the nail fungus treatments that you have tried works?

Well, you cannot keep hiding your nails from everyone and get embarrassed every time you wear flip-flops. It is worth looking at all the aspects of this treatment. That way, you will form an objective opinion on it and figure out whether it is right for you.

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Zetaclear includes a topical treatment and a homeopathic remedy. Basically, it is a complete system that works on the spot and from the inside, sort to speak. Both components are equally important for the treatment.Zeta Clear Toe Image

The topical remedy includes a number of oils. Tea tree oil has a powerful antifungal effect. The same is true for undecylenic acid derived from castor oil. Both of these ingredients have been traditionally used for the treatment of external and internal infections. Researchers have proven that they are effective. Lemongrass oil and jojoba oil are also potent fungicides. They work to kill the fungi and their spores and to prevent future growth. Two of these ingredients, undecylenic acid and jojoba oil, are known to have soothing effect as well.

The topical Zetaclear nail fungus treatment includes clove oil and vitamin E oil as well. These ingredients have slightly different functions than the other components of the formula. Clove oil is a powerful antiseptic. It gives you relief from any irritation, discomfort or pain that you may experience. Vitamin E oil has a strengthening effect. It allows new stronger and smoother nails to grow in the place of the old damaged ones. As the keratin debris particles are cleared, new healthy keratin layer takes its place.

The homeopathic remedy of the Zetaclear system contains ingredients that most people are not familiar with. These include atimonium curdum, nitricum acidum, arsenicum album and mancinella. All of them stimulate your immune system to fight the fungus naturally using its own mechanisms. Atimonium curdum, for instance, is known to help the body get rid of fungus, bacteria and even viruses causing warts naturally. When these ingredients are combined, they have an even more potent effect. You just need to spray the liquid under your tongue so that it gets into the blood stream quickly. From then on, it will work to stimulate the immune system to clear the fungus.

This Zetaclear review takes into account the fact that many people are worried about safety when it comes to using non-allopathic treatments. What you have to know is that all of the ingredients contained in the topical remedy have been approved for use by the FDA of the United States. Generally, these oils and the chemical compounds that they contain are used in various cosmetic and remedial products made and sold in countries all over the world.

Those familiar with homeopathic medicine know that its remedies are safe. The ingredients are extremely diluted forms of natural chemical compounds and cannot cause adverse reaction in the body. The same is true for the ingredients of the homeopathic Zetaclear nail fungus treatment. It has been tested and proven to work safely.

Most people with nail fungus problems want quick results. This particular treatment system is known to work fast, but you should not expect to get results overnight. How quickly the treatment will work depends on how badly affected and damaged your nails are, on the general strength of your immune system and on how persistent you are. You have power just over the last factor. It is crucial that you use the treatment as required to get the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

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How does Zetaclear compare to other antifungal medications designed for nails? Over the counter topical treatments are known to have limited results which are achieved only with long term use. The same applies to popular lacquers for direct application on the nails. Some products have been found to provide considerable clearing of the infection after a year of use. The oral medications for nail fungus treatment such as terbinafine are known to work effectively, even though it takes around four months to get completely cured. However, they may have side effects ranging from rashes to liver damage.

In comparison to these treatments, this Zetaclear review has found that the treatment is:

  • Natural – the topical treatment has only plant-based oils and the homeopathic remedy consists of highly diluted natural chemical compounds.
  • Effective – all ingredients have strong antifungal properties. You get rid of the discomfort, irritation and pain. More importantly, new healthy nail will grow to replace the damaged keratin.
  • Relatively quick to work – you can expect to see results within weeks provided that you follow the product instructions correctly.
  • Safe – none of the ingredients in the system has been found to have adverse side effects.

Now you have all the information to decide whether to use Zetaclear or not.

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