The Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping your Nails Stronger and Healthy Looking

The Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping your Nails Stronger and Healthy Looking

Want healthy nails? Here is a list of The Do’s and Don’ts for a stronger and better looking nail

Believe it or not keeping your finger nails and toenails healthy is a relatively easy job. Most people thing that by washing their hands whenever they dirty is the only that needs to be done to keep their hands and nails in order. And the other fallacy is that by thinking that jumping in the shower and barely washing your feet and toes by letting the water from the shower just wash the bottom part of your body, is all that is needed to get your toenails washed properly…

Well to keep any of the 20 x nails that you are born with, you need to spend a few extra minutes per day so you keep having them healthy looking and strong for the rest of your life…

Finger and Toenails 101:

Our nails are composed of a multitude of thin layers of a Protein called Keratin. We won’t go into many details here as we’re trying to keep the explanation simple for everybody. So to find out of your nails are what is classified normal here is a list to look for:

***Any discoloration on any part of the nail or even any dark streaks
***Thickening or thinning of the top layer
***Any minor bleeding inside or around the nail
***Swelling or redness
***Change in the shape of the nail

Here is a guideline for basic care of what To Do for your nails

  • Clean your nails on a regular basis and do dry them very well, to prevent any nasty organisms from growing under your nails
  • Trim and file your nails on a regular basis. A good tip is to do that right after you have your shower or bath.
  • Moisturize…Moisturize…Moisturize…your hands and your nails as well.

Here is a guideline for basic care of what Not to do for your nails

  • A big no no is not to bite your nails, as biting you can allow bacteria to enter and cause infections.
  • Ignore any minor cuts or abrasions as they could lead to bigger problems.
  • Rip off any tissues pulling the hangnails

Please look after your nails as it could cost you lots of pain and money years down the track…

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